We are constantly working to update and improve Cuelist. Below are some of the features we hope to implement in the future and a roadmap of what we have already done. Please feel free to reach out with any suggestions for future improvements. We look forward to your feedback.


What to look forward to…

  • Ability to transfer or share ownership of projects

  • Increased flexibility on project roles

  • Add list view for notes

  • Allow users to export CSV file of note information

  • Allow users to label stamps

  • Tablet App

  • Ability to archive projects

  • Auto-numbering

  • OSC integration with ETC and Qlab

How far we have come…


v1.3.0 updated on 8/26/19

  • Ability to move cues anywhere on the page
  • Cues will now auto-resize based on text
  • Added toolbar to give users ability to add stamps, highlights, lines, and counts
  • Allow users to set default text size, color and font on layer-by-layer basis
  • Allow users to set separate active layers for cues and notes
  • Ability to share bookmarks between collaborators
  • Add scroll wheel functionality for changing pages on Google Chrome
  • Add keyboard shortcuts for text tools, search, work notes, bookmarks, etc…
  • Fixed small bugs including list sort error issue

v1.2.0 updated on 6/03/19

  • Added list view which lets users see all cues laid out in spreadsheet form
  • Added cue attributes that align more closely with sound designer needs

v1.1.0 updated on 4/29/19

  • Added ability for users to search cues, notes and text information within the project
  • Added work note feature so that users can mark cues that need to be revisited later
  • Added work note list to show all compiled work notes

v1.0.1 updated on 4/08/19

  • Added ability to move cues to the right or left margin
  • Added ability for users to control line opacity between cue marker and title
  • Added scaling so that cues and text size adapt to user browser size

v1.0.0 updated on 3/20/19


v0.9.9 updated on 3/19/19

  • Updated billing system

v0.9.8 updated on 2/13/19

  • Added ability to export script to PDF using Chrome browser
  • Reformatted layout to eliminate empty space between script and cues
  • Streamlined login process

v0.9.7 updated on 12/30/18

  • Added bookmark feature
  • Moved database to Google Cloud Firestore
  • Added offline persistency so that Cuelist will continue to function and retain all changes, regardless of whether user goes offline during session

v0.9.6 updated on 12/12/18

  • Streamlined cues
  • Added tooltips
  • Added ability for users to attach a display image to show file

v0.9.5 updated on 10/31/18

  • Added cue attributes that align with ETC lighting consoles
  • Streamlined UX for adding cues and notes
  • Added ability to export cue information in CSV format

v0.9.4 updated on 10/14/18

  • Add ability for project owner to add, replace and delete pdf pages

v0.9.3 updated on 7/18/18

  • Increased PDF document size
  • Updated email login security

v0.9.0 updated on 6/12/19