How does Cuelist work?


Cuelist takes the painstaking process of adding cues and notes to a script by hand and updates it to the 21st century. Now, you and your collaborators can instantly create, edit and share cues and notes directly on a PDF script in real-time. Every collaborator (Stage Managers, Designers, Ops, Backstage Crew) can see your script changes in real-time as you make them. No more passing your cues back and forth. No more asking other designers where they placed a cue. It is all in your script and all constantly up-to-date.  Every layer is customizable: change the name and color as well as control who has edit access. You can hide or show any layer at any time to streamline your script. And everything is saved in your own permanent and secure online archive. 

Do you have to see all of your collaborators' info at all times?


No. Each collaborator places his or her cues and notes into a separate layer. You can hide or show those layers at any time. 

Can I prevent others from making changes to my information?

Yes. Only people who are assigned permission can alter cues and notes in your layer. The Project Creator (typically the stage manager) will be able to change those permissions at any time. So you can add co-designers or assistants to your layer and they will be able to make adjustments in your stead. 

In addition, the Project Creator can lock a project and prevent all changes. This is helpful if you want to make sure the cues on a project won't be altered while a performance is taking place.

Can I update cues offline? What happens if the internet goes out during a performance?

Currently, Cuelist only works offline if you have opened the project in a browser while connected to the internet. Once the project is open, Cuelist will continue to function and retain all the changes you make to cues and notes regardless of whether you go offline during your session. Every revision will be automatically saved to your local computer until the next time you connect to the internet, at which point the updates will seamlessly be sent to our servers and your collaborators.

If you lose connection to the internet during a performance, you should not see any ill effects. As long as your browser stays open you can move around in the script just as you would in the online mode.

What happens if there are script changes after I start adding cues to my project?

You can add, replace and delete individual pages from your project at any point. All cues on any subsequent pages will stay exactly where you placed them.

Can I back up my work?

While you are connected to the internet, every change you make will be instantly saved to our cloud servers. In addition, you can save a complete version of your project at any point. Those versions are viewable for reference by everybody and the Project Creator has the ability to restore any of those old versions as the current live project.

As an additional safety measure, Cuelist will back up your projects daily and preserve them on Google cloud servers for a minimum of 30 days.

What is the difference between a paid and an unpaid account?

A paid (Collaborator) account will allow you full access to all of Cuelist's features. You can create your own projects as well as insert and edit cues on any existing project where you have received an invite. You will also be able to invite additional collaborators to every one of your projects. The unpaid (Observer) account will provide read-only access to any project where you have received an invite. That means you will be able to view and hide all cues in every layer, but you will not be able to edit or change any cues.

Will I lose my projects if I cancel my subscription?

If you move your account from paid (Collaborator) to unpaid (Observer) you will retain read-only access to any work you have previously done. That means you will be able to view and hide all cues in every layer. But, you will no longer be able to edit your work. If you re-subscribe, you will regain full edit access to all of your projects. You can still be invited to new projects, but those projects will also be on a read-only basis.

Does this work on Macs and PCs? How about mobile devices?

Cuelist is a web-based application. That means it will work the same on both Macs and PCs because it runs directly through your internet browser. 

Cuelist currently works in a limited way on your mobile web browser. It functions as a view-only document (and, in dark mode, it is a great way to keep track of your cues during a preview performance), but there are some difficulties when it comes to creating and editing notes and cues on your mobile device. It is our hope to create a stand-alone mobile app in the near future that will make the mobile experience much more integrated. 

What web browsers can I use?

We currently recommend using either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari browsers as they work best with all functions on Cuelist. Other browsers may work just as well, but have not been completely tested. Unfortunately, we have been unable to get Cuelist to work on Microsoft Internet Explorer at this time.

How does my subscription work?

Once you sign up for Cuelist you will have a 30 day free trial period. After that, your subscription will remain active and your credit card will continue to be charged until you cancel your plan. Regardless of whether you sign up for the yearly or monthly plan, we will send you an email invoice every time we charge your card. You can cancel your plan at any time and your account will remain active until the end of your current subscription period, at which time you will be downgraded to the Observer (free) level. You can restart your subscription at any point and regain full edit access to any old project.

Is my credit card info secure?

We us Stripe to process all credit card information. Stripe uses best-in-class security tools and practices and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. None of your information is stored locally and all financial communication is encrypted.

Hi. This is more of a comment then a question, but I just wanted to say that Cuelist would be great if it only did...

We are always working to update and improve Cuelist. This software is created by and for collaborative entertainment artists and as such, we appreciate hearing about your experiences. Please let us know your suggestions for improvements and any new features you might want to see and we will try to include as many as we can.