Cuelist features


All paid users will have access to every feature including...

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A completely paperless and totally environmentally friendly way to work

Cuelist works right from your browser with both Apple and PC products, so you don’t need to buy any special equipment or install any software. You can add, replace or delete individual script pages as revisions occur without having to rewrite any existing cues or notes. Cuelist will instantly distribute the changes to every collaborator while you will reduce your printing needs by hundreds or even thousands of pages on every project.

Real-time ability to add and edit cues and notes anywhere from your studio to the tech table

Your cues and notes go in your personal layer and can’t be edited by anyone without proper permission. Meanwhile, you can invite as many collaborators as you like and your entire team can be working on different parts of any project simultaneously while Cuelist tracks it all.


You control what you see on every page

You can add as much or as little information inside every cue as you like. Because every collaborator can be working in his or her own layer, you also have the ability to hide or show other users’ work on your script. You never have to wonder where other departments are placing their cues, you can just open their layer to check at any point.

Search your cues, notes and script text

Using our search feature, you can quickly jump to any cue or note in your project and for most pdf uploads you can search for a word or phrase in the script and jump right to that page.

List view

Move seamlessly between your script view and a live, always updated list of your cues in spreadsheet format.

Advanced project navigation

Create bookmarks for quick reference to scenes, act breaks, songs or any other specific place in the script where you might want to have immediate access.

Create a history of your revisions

You can save a copy of your project at any point. Revert to old cues or even old versions of the script with a single push of a button. Project creators can lock any version of the script to prevent changes during a performance or to serve as a permanent archive.

Work notes

Easily add a work note to any cue and Cuelist will automatically generate a list that can be referenced by every team member.

Dark mode

Quickly change your color scheme to allow for easier and less disruptive viewing under show conditions.

Export your cues

With one push of a button, users can export their scripts to a PDF file or directly to their printer. In addition, all compiled cue information is exportable into a downloadable spreadsheet.

A permanent archive

Every project will be permanently stored on our servers and available for you anytime and anywhere there is an internet connection. You never lose access to your existing projects, even if you let your subscription expire.