About Cuelist


An innovative, paperless collaboration tool for live events that is revolutionizing how we work...



overview video

Here's a quick video to introduce you to Cuelist. See our tutorials for deeper explanations into many of the available features.

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Here is just some of what you can do with every paid Cuelist subscription

  • A completely paperless and totally environmentally friendly way to work

  • Real-time ability to add and edit cues anywhere from your studio to the tech table

  • Your cues go in your personal layer and can't be edited by anyone without proper permission

  • Hide or show all your collaborators' work at any point

  • Update individual script pages as revisions occur, no need to rewrite every cue on the page

  • Add text notes anywhere on the script

  • Access a live, always updated list of your cues in spreadsheet format

  • Export your scripts to a PDF file or send all compiled cue information to a spreadsheet at any point

  • Invite unlimited collaborators and control their ability to edit your cues

  • Your entire team can be working on different parts of the document simultaneously and Cuelist will track it all

  • Create a permanent archive for every show that you can access anywhere with an internet connection even if you let your subscription expire

  • Stage managers can lock a script to prevent changes during a performance

  • Create a history of your revisions and revert your script to any old version

  • Dark mode allows for you to view the script and all the cues in show conditions without disturbing others around you

  • Works with both Apple and PC on many of the most common web browsers

For more details on current features, click here.